First publication for our MM-0289-APC anti-p24 (HIV)

A team led by Dr. Chomont, had recently published an article in PLOS pathogens (Pardons, M et al 2019) where they have developed a flow cytometry approach, named HIV-flow, in order to evaluate the diversity in the phenotypes of HIV-infected cells. They have based their approach on detecting p24 positive cells. p24 is a 24 kDa protein often referred to as the core or capsid protein of HIV-1. They have set in evidence that the double staining using two anti-p24 (Our MM-0289-APC 28B7 and the KC57) gave specific, sensitive and reproducible results to detect the infected cells reservoir. They then have evaluated the expression of different other markers in the double p24 positive cells to perform a phenotypic analysis of those infected cells. This method, well described in the article, can quantify and phenotype the p24 producing in a simple flow cytometry-based approach.

Written by
MédiMabs’ Team