Multiplexed immunoassays

Individually united, the advantage of Parallex Bioassay multiple singleplexing solution.

AKT are serine/threonine-kinase cell signaling molecules implied in various biological processes including glucose metabolism, cell survival and cancer progression. Evaluating the phosphorylation level of the different molecules of the AKT pathway would give valuable insight on its activation level. 

It would be even better if the evaluation was done at the same time with the same samples. However, in traditional multiplexing tools the different phospho-specific antibodies will cross reacts with the different AKT isoforms and would force the user to perform the assay in 2-3 different separate tests. Because the technology behind the SnapChip, it allows Parallex Bioassays to isolate the different reactions. It completely circumvents the flaw inherent to multiplexing tools. In fact, it allows the user to perform multiple singleplex reactions on a single sample.

In collaboration with Parallex Bioassay, we can offer you to develop custom cross-reactions-free multiplexing assays and you can ask us about their newly develop AKT activation kit. Please contact us whether you want to test various post-translational modifications on the same samples or you want to minimize the amount of sample used per assay, the SnapChip can be the solution for your project.

Written by
MédiMabs’ Team