RPTP and synaptogenesis

Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases (RPTPs) are protein family with implications in neuron development and axonal growth.  RPTPs implications in synaptogenesis, through the formation of trans-synaptic adhesion complexes, have been studied over the past decades. (1) The ability to control this process would be a key element for the development of neuro-regenerative therapy. (2) The type IIa RPTP named RPTPsigma is highly expressed in the developing and adult brain of mammals. (34) RPTPsigma role in adult brain has been demonstrated to be one inhibition of axon regeneration and control of axon growth. (5) Antibodies specific to RPTPsigma have also shown a promising potential to regulates its function. (6) Similar strategies could be developed has a key element of axonal regenerative therapy. Whether you are interested to study RPTPsigma with our MM-0020-P antibody or you want to develop new antibodies for your project, MédiMabs will be pleased to assist you.

Written by
MédiMabs’ Team