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Akt activation pathway

     Akt is a subfamily of serine/threonine kinases (Protein Kinase B) that includes AKT1, AKT2, and AKT3. Akt resides in the cytosol in an inactive conformation, until the cell is stimulated leading to the activation of PI3K and the conversion of plasma membrane phospholipid PIP-2 to PIP3. After being recruited to the membrane, Akt is phosphorylated and activated by PDK1 and multiple catalytic proteins. To a lesser extent, Akt activation can occur through others tyrosine or serine/threonine kinases, in response to heat shock or following an increase in calcium concentration. Once active, Akt translocates to the cytosol and nucleus, where it regulates (inhibitory or stimulatory) a wide range of proteins involved in critical cellular processes.

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 Akt-1 total & P-Ser473

 Akt-2 total & P-Ser474

 Akt-3 total & P-Ser472

 Akt P-Thr308

 S6 total & P-Ser235/6

 mTOR total & P-Ser2481 (coming soon)