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Antigen Design and Strategy
Strategy, Antigen Design and Synthesis

Let our team of specialists determine the best approach for your custom antibody development: peptide, protein or DNA immunization. Benefit from their expert strategic advice, a solid antigen design and a fast synthesis

One the most crucial step in antibody development is the antigen strategy and design. To maximize the chances of success for your project, we deeply analyse the structure of your target and find the best option to obtains antibodies that will fit your application needs. The whole project can be customized to your end application (Flow cytometry, therapeutic, western blot, immunofluorescence, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, etc).

We have access to broad range of immunogen and each of them as its advantages. 

  • Synthetic peptides
  • Protein (bacterial, yeast, insect or mammalian cell expression model) 
  • DNA immunization

Let us guide you and design the best antigen for your project.




Monoclonal Antibody Development

From an idea to an antibody.

All our custom monoclonal antibodies are developed using our high throughput automated platform that allows for more efficient clone testing at a very affordable price. Moreover, by being monoclonal right from the start, our projects produce less redundancy than the limit dilution method. In other words, MédiMabs produces more diversified clones for your money.

Hybridoma Generation

Following the immunization of your animals (mice or rats), splenocytes will be harvested and used for fusion. Up to 1,000 individual clones will then be picked to undergo the stabilization and screening process. At the end of the project, positive stable monoclonal hybridomas will be frozen and you will receive media from these clones to test in your assay. All the materials generated in the project remains yours and you could ask to directly take the clones from the early cell bank. You could also let our team of experts perform a small banking or a full characterization of your precious hybridomas.



In complement to all our hybridoma generation project, we offer our StabilimAb option. It gives our clients a security on early non-stable hybridomas that can be accessed at the end of the project. This option is particularly useful with low immunogenic target or in projects that necessitate a large variety of clones. It can potentially multiply by 5-10 the number of final positive clones available.

Recombinant Rabbit Monoclonal

Rabbits are immunised and PBMC from fresh blood are then isolated and screened for their specific antibody expression. Variable regions from positive cells are then amplified and expressed recombinantly allowing the researcher to test the supernatant in their specific applications. The sequence of the positive clones will then be provided to the client. We can also provide recombinant antibody production from the sequence.

Other associated services

  • Antigen design and epitope prediction
  • Custom peptide synthesis, Protein production or DNA optimized immunization
  • Immunization
  • Affinity purification
Polyclonal Antibody Development

MédiMabs will help you acquire the polyclonal you need for your experiment. Choose from our selection of immunization schedules ranging from the 30-day Optimmune protocols 77-day Classic protocols. We also offer vaccine development service on the model and schedule of your choice.

Polyclonal antibody

Species available: Mice, Rats, Guinea pigs, Goat, Chicken.

  • Antigen design and epitope prediction
  • Custom peptide synthesis, Protein production or DNA optimized immunization
  • Immunization
  • Affinity purification

Classic protocols:

56-day protocol including 4 immunization of 2 rabbits, final bleed (approx. 90mL serum total)
77-day protocol including 5 immunization of 2 rabbits, test bleed after 4 injections (ELISA titer will be performed and samples will be sent to you for in assay analysis), final bleed (approx 90mL serum total)



Optimmune protocols:

For a fast answer or to get a proof of concept, choose or optimmune protocol.

Rapid 30-day protocol including 3 injections of 1 rabbit with Optimmune+adjuvant, final bleed (approx 45mL serum total). Optimmune lower the time to obtain a good IgG response.

Serum Purification

Whole serum affinity purification can also be provided as additional service to all of our polyclonal antibody projects. Whether you already have the serum in your freezer and you want to get a better signal in your application or it part of your project, we can help you and immunogen affinity purify your precious antibodies.

Vaccine development

We will work with you to designing the antigen and find the most suitable animal model and adjuvant for your project. Project are handled under certified CCAC animal facilities with professional staff. We can also offer you through our specialized partner (Immuni T) a complete evaluation of the triggered immune response and immunotoxicology evaluations.

Vaccine development

Production, Characterization and Cell Banking
Production, Characterization and Cell Banking

If you have hybridoma cells and want high quality purified antibodies, let MédiMabs do the production for you! Our team of experts will produce antibodies in an optimized culture system  following standard operating procedures to avoid the inclusion of endotoxin and maximize the purity level of your antibodies.

Antibody characterization includes determination of: Isotype, approximation of cell doubling time, optimal cell culture condition, antibody secretion rate, purification yield.

We customize our production project to your specifications (specific buffer, lyophilisation, vial size, etc). In every production, we make sure to avoid or minimize the inclusion endotoxin in the process and offer the best quality of purified antibodies.

We generate cell banks (master bank or working bank) of your cells adapted to media of your choice to maintain all the parameters optimal for the next production.

Prod image:

Cryostorage service

Cryostorage service

Preserve your hybridomas, cells or samples in our monitored cryostorage and cold storage units. We include in all our banking and de novo service a complimentary 1 year of cryostorage. We also offer variety of cryostorage solutions depending on you needs.

Hybridoma Sequencing and Molecular Engineering
Hybridoma Sequencing and Molecular Engineering

Hybridoma sequencing

Preserving the sequence of your antibody remains the best security you can have on your precious hybridoma. It will also be necessary if you need to patent it when developing new technologies.


Once you have the sequence of your antibody in hand, you can modify it through bioengineering. Our close partnerships with key specialist in this area allow us to provide you full customized services in this area from class or species switch (changing the species or the isotype of your antibodies) to complete humanization, passing by reformatting (Fragment Ab, ScFv, etc).

Recombinant production

We can offer a broad variety of recombinant production model for your antibodies as we have access to a large network of partner specialists.

ELISA Services
ELISA Services

If you have large number of samples to process or you need to have pre-coated plates, MédiMabs can do it for you with their high throughput automated platform.

Multiplexing assay made easy: The SnapChip Solution
Multiplexing assay made easy: The SnapChip Solution

The SnapChip developed by Parallex BioAssays is an innovative and simple microarray-to-microarray approach that eliminates the need for a mixture of detection antibodies and the related cross-reactivity. The absence of cross-reaction is highly desirable to reduce assay development time and cost, ensure accurate results and discover new opportunities. The SnapChip reproduces, in nanodroplets, the conditions of the common ELISA by performing colocalization of the capture and detection antibodies. It’s performed on standard planar arrays, representing an attractive solution for scientists to accelerate their research without investing in expensive equipment.

The SnapChip is more than a simple multiplex, it’s multiple singleplex!

In the SnapChip microarray-to-microarray approach, the colocalization of capture and detection antibodies efficiently eliminates cross-reaction as detection antibodies are physically isolated from each other. It is also highly customizable and there are no incompatibility issues, as no analytes are mixed together. As a result, the assay optimization process is simplified.

Advantages of the SnapChip

  • Rapid Assay Development – All assays are optimized individually. That’s it!
  • Mix and Match – All your preferred assays on the same chip. No limitation!
  • Accurate Results – Elimination of cross-reactivity and false positives!
  • New Opportunities – Measurement of concentration, post-translational modifications and enzyme activity… All at once!


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Immunology and immunotoxicology services
Immunology and immunotoxicology services

High quality services in immunology: immuno-diagnostic/assays, cytokine detection, receptor binding, cell phenotyping, immunogenecity assessment and prediction, cell line characterization, ELISA and HL-ELISA.

IMMUNI T is a contract research organization (CRO) providing high quality services in immunology and immunotoxicology with a core expertise in functional cell-based assays, flow cytometry and ligand-binding bioanalysis.

IMMUNI T performs cytotoxicty and other cell-based assays; ex vivo immunogenicity assays (cytokine release, proliferation), immunological assays based on flow cytometry analysis for determination of cell function, ligand-binding bioanalysis services for the quantification and detection of analytes including peptides, proteins or nucleic acids; as well as customization, development and validation of assays for pre-clinical and clinical sample analysis in a GLP-compliant environment.

IMMUNI T covers all your needs for biologics (peptides, proteins, therapeutic antibodies, biosimilars, vaccines and oligonucleotide-based therapeutics) in all phases of drug development programs.

IMMUNI T offers the full range of immunological services to support the drug development process from discovery to post-marketing.

IMMUNI T has developed significant expertise through experience in performing both standard and custom immuno-detection/diagnostic assays and assay validations.

IMMUNI T has certified state of the art equipment at its disposal such as multi-laser flow cytometers, radioactive plate counters, ligand binding platforms (ELISA, Luminex and MSD-ECL) and BSL2 (P2) cell culture facility with an expertise at working with primary material.