Antibodies Dedicated to your Cause

Having the right antibody for your project can make all the difference in the struggle of your research. Over the past years, we have developed antibodies for use in a variety of research fields. We are always happy to see when one of our catalogue antibodies has been useful for ongoing research. Last month alone there were two separate publications using our anti-Aβ McSA1 for Alzheimer’s disease research.

Key to the success of our anti-Aβ McSA1 is its specificity. In the first paper it was cited in last month, this antibody was used to study intraneuronal Aβ42 deposition and amyloid plaques in hippocampus and cortex of the 3xTg-AD mice as part of research using a novel model of immunotherapy aiming at preventing the development of Alzheimer. (1) In the second article, the McSA1 clone was selected because of its ability to detect the soluble and insoluble forms of Aβ, while not detecting APP. This was crucial for their project to detect the soluble because Aβ plaques were undetectable in the early ages of their Tg2576 mice model. (2,3)

We have recently built a new website in our effort to help you find your next antibody to push your research forward. The goal of our new site is to inform you of our custom antibody services and help you navigate our catalogue of antibodies more easily. The site was developed by the brilliant marketing web development firm IG Agence Créative. 

Written by
MédiMabs’ Team