Halloween – Abeta

The exhumation of a possible treatment against the “brain-eating” Alzheimer’s disease

Less than a year ago Biogen has announced that its Alzheimer’s disease (AD) therapy targeting Abeta has to be abandoned due to an absence of efficacy during its clinical trial. It was a shock for the AD research community. (1) Recently, Biogen has announced that after reviewing their data they would like to pursue their clinical trial, reviving hope for everyone affected by this terrible “brain-eating” disease. (2) In the AD research community, the role of Abeta has been central in their study of this disease since the Hardy and Higgings publication in 1992 where they establish the Amyloid cascade hypothesis. (3) Developing strategy to target Abeta was then completely logical in order to eliminate the toxic aggregates and stop the brain degradation. (4) When the first clinical trials targeting ABeta were abandoned, the research community tried to revise the Amyloid cascade hypothesis. (4, 5) Recent publications using our Anti-Abeta clone McSa1 MM-0015-P (6, 7) continue to point toward a central role of Abeta in the early development of AD. We are glad to help scientists in their research efforts by providing them quality antibodies and services.

Written by
MédiMabs’ Team