Hybridoma Sequencing, Bioengineering and Recombinant production

Whether you want to preserve the sequence of your antibody or need to modify them by bioengineering, our scientist team will guide you through the process.

Hybridoma sequencing

Preserving the sequence of your antibody remains the best security you can have on your precious hybridoma. It will also be necessary if you need to patent it when developing new technologies. You simply need to send us your cells and we will take care of identifying and sending you the variable region of your clone.


Once you have the sequence of your antibody in hand, it can be modified through bioengineering. Our bioinformatic specialists will analyze your sequence and we can create the in silico version of your antibody that fits your needs. We could for instance, change the species or the isotype of your antibodies, generate humanized versions of your clone, or create fragment format or your antibody (FAb, ScFv, Fc-ScFv, etc).

Recombinant production

We offer a highly efficient recombinant production model for your antibodies at various scales from very small production, useful to compare various variants, to larger production productions that will allow an homogenous production of antibodies for your needs.

Recombinant productions (Micro)

Recombinant productions (Pilot/standard)