Monoclonal Antibody Development

Traditionally the monoclonal antibody development consists in the fusion of splenocytes from immunized animals that are selected, stabilized and screened against their antigen. The end product in a hybridoma project are the cells that will remain your property. In comparison, with a polyclonal antibody, which corresponds to the serum of immunized animals, the hybridoma generated during the monoclonal antibody development can allow you to reproduce the same antibodies whenever you need it.

All our custom monoclonal antibodies are developed using our high throughput automated platform that allows for more efficient clone testing at a very affordable price. Moreover, by being monoclonal right from the start, our projects produce less redundancy than the limit dilution method. In other words, MédiMabs produces more diversified clones for your money.


Hybridoma Generation

Following the immunization of your animals (mice or rats), splenocytes will be harvested and used for fusion. Up to 1,000 individual clones will then be picked to undergo the stabilization and screening process. At the end of the project, positive stable monoclonal hybridomas will be frozen and you will receive media from these clones to test in your assay. All the materials generated in the project remains yours and you could ask to directly take the clones from the early cell bank. You could also let our team of experts perform a small banking or a full characterization of your precious hybridomas. For all our projects, we are following immunization protocols that are yearly evaluated by an ethical committee to be in compliance with the CCAC guidelines for good animal practice (GAP) in an accredited environment. Monoclonal hybridomas antibody services are offered for mice and rats.

Monoclonal generation – Flow chart

Other associated services

  • Antigen design and epitope prediction
  • Custom peptide synthesis, Protein production or DNA optimized immunization
  • Immunization
  • Affinity purification of final bleed (mix mAb and pAb project)
  • Hybridoma sequencing
  • Bioengineering and recombinant productions