Polyclonal Antibody development

Polyclonal antibodies are a mixture of heterogeneous antibodies produced by all the activated B-cells that were induced by the immunological challenge from a predefined antigen. Each antibody will recognize a different epitope on the antigen. Non-specific antibodies will also be present (carrier, environmental immunogens, etc.) but they can be removed by performing an antigen affinity purification.

Contrary to monoclonal antibodies, the mixture component of polyclonal antibodies is directly related to the individual immune response of the animal and they are prone to a higher risk of batch-to-batch variability.  

Polyclonal Antibody and Vaccine Development

MédiMabs will help you acquire the polyclonal you need for your experiment. You can use our 77-day Classic protocols or ask us for a custom version of it. We also offer the possibility to do an hybrid polyclonal project in mice or rats where the final sequence allows us to freeze the splenocytes for an eventual monoclonal project. We also offer vaccine development service on the model and schedule of your choice.

Polyclonal generation – Flow chart

Polyclonal antibody

For all our projects, we are following immunization protocols that are yearly evaluated by an ethical committee to be in compliance with the CCAC guidelines for good animal practice (GAP) in an accredited environment. 

Species available: Rabbit, Mice, Rats, Guinea pigs

  • Antigen design and epitope prediction
  • Custom peptide synthesis, Protein production or DNA optimized immunization
  • Immunization
  • Affinity purification
  • PTM site specific polyclonal development
  • Rat pAb project with the option of freezing splenocytes for a potential mAb project

Classic protocols:

77-day protocol including 5 immunization of 2 rabbits, test bleed after 4 injections (ELISA titer will be performed and samples will be sent to you for in assay analysis), final bleed (approx 90mL serum total)

Serum Purification

Whole serum affinity purification can also be provided as additional service to all of our polyclonal antibody projects. Whether you already have the serum in your freezer and you want to get a better signal in your application or it part of your project, we can help you and immunogen affinity purify your precious antibodies.

Vaccine development

Designing an effective vaccine is all about eliciting the right type of immune response against your target of interest. We will work with you to design the antigen, pair it with an adjuvant, and develop immunization regimen for your purposes. Starting at the exploratory phase of a project, we will help you develop the small animal model relevant to you. In your animal model, we will look at the T-helper cell subsets (Th1, Th2, Th9, Th17, and Treg) being produced and suggest ways we can modify your system so as to elicit the type of response important to you.

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