Production, Characterization and Cell Banking

If you have hybridoma cells and want high quality purified antibodies, let MédiMabs do the production for you! Our team of experts will produce antibodies in an optimized culture system  following standard operating procedures to avoid the inclusion of endotoxin and maximize the purity level of your antibodies.

Antibody characterization includes determination of: Isotype, approximation of cell doubling time, optimal cell culture condition, antibody secretion rate and purification yield.

We customize our production project to your specifications (specific buffer, lyophilisation, vial size, etc). In every production, we make sure to avoid or minimize the inclusion of endotoxin in the process and offer the best quality of purified antibodies.

We generate cell banks (master bank or working bank) of your cells, adapt them to the media of your choice and maintain all the parameters optimal for the next production. And for a next level of production and security, you can opt for the sequencing and recombinant production.

Our internally developed protocol to restart cell proliferation of long term stored hybridomas, have been proven to successfully revive clones that were frozen 40 years ago. 

Cryostorage service

Preserve your hybridomas, cells or samples in our monitored cryostorage and cold storage units. We include in all our banking and de novo service a complimentary 1 year of cryostorage. We also offer a variety of cryostorage solutions depending on your needs.

Production banking hybridoma