TORONTO, ON – November 18, 2019 …, a biotech Canadian company revolutionizing stem cell medicine, is pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership with MÉDIMABS Inc. The agreement will leverage ’ expertise for the creation of an end to end platform suitable for the rapid generation of monoclonal antibodies using Intellistem’s proprietary platform IntelliPeptidomeTM. The platform uses IntelliCellsTM to uncover MHC II neoantigens and epitopes for optimal monoclonal antibody discovery and development.

We are very excited to offer this novel platform to the biopharmaceutical field. Standard platforms struggle to find the best immunogenic epitope. IntelliPeptidomeTM allows for a fast and efficient way to identify epitopes suitable for specific monoclonal antibody development,” said Dr. Riam Shammaa, MD. Founder and CEO of INTELLiSTEM.

Having the right epitope from the start is a game changer for antibody development. This way, using our proprietary platform, we can focus our effort to generate antibodies with a high potential for a range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. It is like having epitope mapping data of an antibody even before it exists. It allows us to streamline the generation process and minimize the risk of producing non-functional antibodies.” said Dr. Pierre-André Scott, Ph.D. Senior Study Director of MediMabs. 


With the goal to develop cancer cures within the next 5-7 years, INTELLiSTEM has cracked the biggest advance, so far, in its war on cancer. Its proprietary genetically engineered Super Sentinel CellsTM (SSC’s) can mount effective anti-cancer immune responses. With an unprecedented 80% success rate in animal models in contrast to existing cancer vaccines, INTELLiSTEM is currently moving into human trials. 


The overall set of peptides presented at the cell surface is referred to as the immunopeptidome. The development of new technologies to decipher these sets of peptides is of paramount importance to guide the design of novel anti-cancer immunotherapies. IntelliPeptidomeTM platform allows for systematic analysis of peptides selected by IntelliCellsTM for triggering efficient and specific immune responses. Besides enabling the discovery of novel epitopes for monoclonal antibody development, IntelliPeptidomeTM can be used for screening large ScFv libraries to allow the engineering novel CAR T-cell recognizing previously unheralded targets expressed on the surface of solid tumours.  


MediMabs Inc. () is a privately owned life science company. Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Quebec by a group of McGill University researchers to develop high quality antibodies. MediMabs has a worldwide distribution network for antibodies and has clients who contract their specialized antibodies development and other services, from North and South America, Europe and Asia. MediMabs’ clients include public and private companies as well as several well-regarded bioscience focused institutions and universities.

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MédiMabs’ Team
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